For the past 15 years, Anwar Barbouti has immersed himself in with experience and expertise in real estate and he has gained and held on to authoritative positions while working with a number of companies, including Greenwich Management Inc. and other real estate companies in Houston, Texas and across the United Kingdom. Ever since becoming the president of Greenwich Management Inc., Anwar Barbouti has taken the initiative in many projects, and he has involved himself in countless ventures abroad, from investing in companies to handling properties of all sorts: short-stay hotels, investment retail spaces and residential blocks. For many property investors and owners, he has made being successful and fruitful more than just an idea; he made it a reality.

Anwar Barbouti venturesome yet flourishing career got off to a flying start long before he graduated from the University of St. Thomas. As a determined man with goals, he used his time wisely. Instead of waiting until he officially had his BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees, he worked for various markets during the several years he was in school. The responsibilities he inherited entailed managing and overseeing a vast amount of properties. With such responsibilities, his get-up-and-go nature pushed him to take matters where they had never gone, so he took it upon himself to increase his managerial role by redeveloping and leasing the properties he managed while planning and altering their current and future operations. Anwar Barbouti, with his businesslike mind, is the impetus behind his many endeavors, and it is why his career stands on a solid ground that cannot be undermined, questioned or easily duplicated.

When it comes to properties in general, Anwar Barbouti ¬†became responsible for the management and development of some apartments in the prestigious Uptown District of Houston, Texas. As with previous jobs, he acquired this job with intentions of doing what he does best–and that is enhance life, restore hope and change attitudes. As a result, these apartments are now not only among the most luxurious places to live, but they also have become one of Mr. Barbouti’s success stories. One of Mr. Barbouti’s highlight stories is the redevelopment and expansion of the Plaza on Richmond, which is a big-time retail center in Uptown Houston. It is safe to say that the Plaza on Richmond would not be as successful or where it is now had it not been for Anwar Barbouti and, of course, his accredited team of professionals, considering that they played a pivotal role in helping the Plaza on Richmond to reel in a tremendous load of renowned stores and expand approximately 200,000 square feet. The list of stores that wasted little time to roll in after the transformation was complete includes TJ Maxx, Chipotle, Ultra, Golf Galaxy, 24HR Fitness, Honey Baked Ham and Home Depot. Now, the Plaza on Richmond has grown to become one of the most renowned retail centers in Houston as well as nationwide.

Thanks to the incredible amount of success that Anwar Barbouti created for so many businesses, he is now sought after for help by many prominent figures in the real estate industry. The real estate industry is where Anwar Barbouti¬†has always been a dominant force to be reckoned with–make no mistake about it. Whether developing them for business purposes or remodeling them for aesthetic purposes. Mr. Barbouti is a well-established man who is well-respected across two continents.

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